Degree & Career

As an alumnus there are various ways you can participate in (continuing) education and courses offered by Leiden University. For up to one year after graduation, alumni are also able to take advantage of career guidance. Lost your diploma or need a transcript? You will find more information below about what to do.

Career guidance

What should you do after you graduate? What are the options and how can you maximise your opportunities on the job market? Leiden University believes it is important that alumni get off to a good start after graduating. The Student Career Service is there to give you advice and guidance.

Continuing education

In addition to regular degree programmes (bachelor’s and master’s), Leiden University offers university-level courses and lectures targeted at a diverse range of groups. If you would like to take a course or pursue another degree after your bachelor’s or master’s or alongside your work, there is a wide range of options available.

Diplomas & Transcripts

Prospective employers sometimes request a certified copy of your diploma or your academic transcript. These certified copies can be provided by the University. You can also apply to the University for advice on having your diploma translated.