Reliving Leiden student days abroad

When a delegation from Leiden University travels abroad, we seize the opportunity to bring Leiden alumni together. This recently happened in Shanghai, Beijing, Berlin and Strasbourg. Alumni responded with enthusiasm to the invitation for these meetings.

Cleveringa lectures and alumni dinner

In late November and early December, a delegation led by rector Carel Stolker visited the Chinese cities of Beijing and Shanghai. The purpose of this trip was to set up an extensive cooperation with the cities’ universities.
Leiden alumni living in China were invited to two Cleveringa lectures by Carel Stolker and to a dinner party. These occasions were used to strengthen ties with Leiden alumni in China, which was highly appreciated by the alumni present.

Leiden alumni in Beijing during an alumni dinner with rector Carel Stolker.

Leiden alumni in Beijing during an alumni dinner with rector Carel Stolker.

Leiden atmosphere

Chen Jing, Beijing (2014 Public International Law graduate):
"The international Leiden University alumni meetings in Beijing were a wonderful opportunity to get in touch with other Leiden alumni and Leiden staff. Although I graduated six months ago and although I am living thousands of miles away from Leiden, I strongly felt the atmosphere and the intimacy of the university."


Leiden, Utrecht & Amsterdam

During a pitch alumni talked about Leiden and their choice for Berlin

During a pitch alumni talked about Leiden and their choice for Berlin

During the same period, Leiden University representatives visited Berlin and Strasbourg.

In Strasbourg the annual LERU *meeting provided a context for a reception, dinner and concert for alumni.

In Berlin an alumni meeting was organized linked to a study fair in the city, together with alumni from Utrecht University and the University of Amsterdam. An alumnus from each university presented a short pitch about their alma mater and their choice to live in Berlin, which inspired animated discussions over drinks later on.

Pleasantly surprised

Hessel Reimerink, Berlin (2008 History graduate):
"I have been living in Berlin for two years. I was pleasantly surprised to receive an invitation for an alumni reception on the Spree. The cordial opening words by the Dutch Ambassador and the lively stories of alumni about how they came here and built their careers made the evening much more than a networking occasion.

It was like coming home and greeting familiar faces from the past. Before you knew it, people were making plans to engage each other in projects in Berlin and one person was even offered help to find a new job. Very special."


Alumni listening intently to each other's experiences

Alumni listening intently to each other's experiences

New alumni meetings

In 2015 several alumni meetings will be held abroad, including meetings in Italy (Milan), South Africa and Taiwan.

Do you wish to be notified when an alumni gathering is organized in a region near you? Send us an update of your contact information (place of residence and email address), so we can keep you informed.

* The League of European Research Universities (LERU) is a consortium of some of the most renowned research universities in Europe. Founded in 2002, as a partnership of 12 leading multi-faculty research universities, it expanded its membership to 21 universities in 2010.

Last Modified: 22-12-2014