Connecting by Creating: Leiden Alumni Chapters Worldwide

Do you live outside The Netherlands and would you like to (re) connect with Leiden University? Consider creating a Leiden Alumni Chapter in your region!

What is an alumni chapter?

An alumni chapter is a group of (non-Dutch and Dutch) Leiden alumni living in the same country, state, region or city. By organising social and/or educational meetings and events in your city or region you can establishing a valuable and highly personal and professional network for exchanging experiences, building contacts and maintaining links with Leiden University. Active participation in your local chapter will result in new relationships and opportunities. And of course: fun! Membership is free.

Together, the Leiden Alumni Chapters are a vast network of international chapters that keep alumni connected to each other and to their university, no matter where they live.

Why connect?

Launch of the Leiden Alumni Chapter in Chile

Launch of the Leiden Alumni Chapter in Chile

Currently, more than 5,000 Leiden alumni live outside the Netherlands. As Leiden welcomes ever more international students, exchange students and international PhD students, this number is set to increase.

We’ve discovered that it is not just the university that wants to keep in touch with its international alumni; often alumni abroad themselves would like to maintain contact with each other and Leiden University.

A Leiden Alumni Chapter can offer you
- Access to  huge network of professional contacts
- A means of maintaining and building international links
- the chance to meet new people locally
- A lifelong relationship with your alma mater.

Creating a chapter

If you are living abroad and wish to strengthen your bond with fellow alumni and with Leiden University by creating a chapter: we at the Alumni Relations department will be happy to support you. However: the power of initiative is only if you 'take' it. The enthusiasm, commitment, ability to motivate and engage your fellow alumni and responsibility of the alumni themselves will be the keys to a succesful chapter.

Our first role will be helping you to create a chapter by getting you in contact with other alumni living in your region who might be interested in creating a chapter with you. With them you can discuss items like the goals you want to achieve; what activities will be host and who will volunteer for the leadership roles. If you have a consensus among these alumni is a signal to begin planning the first event: the kick-off event!

Also: Leiden University delegations regularly travel abroad on working visits. If the programme allows, gatherings will be organized to meet alumni in the region.

Contact us

Hanneke Wiessing

Hanneke Wiessing

If you want more information about chapters, or information about starting a chapter in your area, please contact me at the Alumni & Development Office of Leiden University by sending an e mail to

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