As a Leiden University alumnus there are various services that you can use even after graduation. You will find an overview of our alumni services here.

University library

Leiden University alumni have lifetime access to the Leiden University Libraries (UBL) free of charge.

Alumni who graduated after 31 August 2006
After you graduate, your student account is automatically converted into an alumnus account. Your login information remains the same as before, as does your uMail address. Your LU card is temporarily blocked, but you can have it unblocked at UBL. With your ULCN account you can use work spaces at Leiden University, as well as digital services offered by UBL (only from a Leiden University work space, not from home).

Alumni who graduated before 31 August 2006
If you graduated before 31 August 2006, then your student account was not automatically converted, but you can have an account created free of charge at the UBL service desk. Bring along a photo ID and proof of graduation (such as a copy of your degree certificate). More information for alumni about using UBL can be found on the UBL website.

The registration of PHD-students works differently than the registration of students.

PHD-students who started their PHD-track before 2015  don't get an alumnus account automatically, but can request an account by sending an e-mail to

PHD-students who started their PHD-track  in 2015 or later  unfortunately can't get an alumnus account at the moment. They can request a guest account at the Leiden University Libraries to continue using the library services.

ULCN and uMail

Alumni that have graduated after 31 August 2006 can continue to use their ULCN-account and university e-mail. The username will remain the same, but the password has to be updated every once in a while.

Sixty days after graduation the student account is converted to an alumnus account. Alumni with an alumnus account can continue to use the Library of Leiden University, log in for the tests and job search engine of the LU Careerzone and use the university workplaces. But it is no longer possible to use the Wi-Fi facilities at the university (Eduroam) and also services like Surfspot and Blackboard are no longer accessible.

We strongly advice alumni to forward their uMail to their personal mail, and to let their personal mail address be added to the alumni database.

Password, username and other questions

Have you graduated after 31 Augustus 2006 and did you forget your password or username or do you have other questions about your ULCN-account, please check this website for more information.

Have you graduated before 31 August 2006  and would you like to use a service that requires an ULCN-account?
By showing your ID and a proof of graduation (the diploma for example), it's possible to open a guest-account at the information desk of the Library of Leiden University.

Career guidance

Leiden University alumni can take advantage of career counselling at the Student Career Service for up to a year after graduating.

A session with one of our career counsellors is free of charge. For workshops you pay the student rate. Visit the web page about Career Guidance for more information.

Mentor Network

Leiden University is keen to give young alumni a good start to their career. The Leiden Alumni Mentor Network is one of the ways to provide help. 

Through this online mentor network, young alumni can contact more senior Leiden alumni easily to ask them for advice. More experienced alumni can make themselves available as a mentor in just a few steps.

Read more about the Leiden Alumni Mentornetwerk.

Newsletter Alumni News

Every two months Leiden University sends out Alumni News, a special newsletter for alumni. 

Alumni News contains interviews with alumni and announcements concerning alumni events, as well as job openings and the most important news from the University. 

Visit the Alumni News page for more information or to subscribe to Alumni News.

Young Alumni Network

Especially for young alumni (35 years of age and younger) we are setting up the Leiden University Young Alumni Network. 

This Young Alumni Network organises various activities for young alumni throughout the year (in the Netherlands). Get to know other young alumni, work on your career and professional development and expand your network. 

You can find more information on the young alumni network page.

Social Media

You can find Leiden University alumni on various social media platforms.

Stay in contact with the University and with other alumni by joining the (ever-growing) LinkedIn Network. 

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Last Modified: 26-04-2016