Support Leiden University

Alumni and other interested people can support Leiden University in a number of ways. They can, for example, open up their networks and share vacancies for internships or jobs, but can also enlist as volunteers, create a partnership between their organizations and the university, or they can financially support Leiden University.

Throughout its existence, contributions from third parties have played an indispensable role in maintaining the quality of the research and education at the university. The university therefore hopes that they can continue to rely on the involvement of the people that hold these in high regard.

You can find more information about the different ways to support Leiden University on the following pages.

Leiden University foundations

There are several foundations that support the university’s activities. All of them have ANBI status that makes any donations tax deductible. You can find a full list and description of these foundations here.

Donating to Leiden University

If you would like to donate to the university, there are several ways for you to do so. Choosing the ideal option for you depends on your own preferences and any specific wishes you might have.


Leiden University is keen to attract broad public interest in academic research, teaching and university heritage and has created the new crowdfunding website to highlight specific projects.