Donating to Leiden University

If you would like to donate to the university, there are several ways for you to do so. Choosing the ideal option for you depends on your own preferences and any specific wishes you might have.



Through various foundations, your donation can be specifically granted to certain institutes or faculties of Leiden University. These can even be allocated to specific projects or purposes that can be chosen by you, but we are happy to help you make a decision. You can find a full overview of our foundations on the following page: Leiden University Foundations.

Would you like to know more about current activities, (educational) projects or studies that are in need of your support? Then please contact our Development and Alumni Relations Department. We’re happy to engage in a dialogue with you and offer advice regarding your specific preferences.


It’s also possible to recognise the university as heir or co-heir in your testament. Including a bequest in your testament is another option; a specifically described sum of percentage. A named trust, with the specific purpose of financing a scholarship or an endowed chair for a certain specialism, is also possible.

Leiden University, and the foundation named above, have been exempted from paying any taxes for inheritances or gifts they receive.

Donations to Leiden University

From the Netherlands: one-off and periodical donations
If you would like to support Leiden University, this can be done by making a single donation. Alternatively, you can support the university and its goals for a longer period of time by committing to a periodical donation (for a minimal term of five years).

Since 2014, a periodical donation can be agreed upon without involving a notary. In that case, only a written agreement between the donor and the benefactor is required. This can be established by, for instance, using this standard contract (in Dutch).

If you prefer, we can involve our regular notary.

From the USA
Please contact us for more information on giving through the ‘American Friends of Leiden University’ via

From other countries
Please check with your local tax office.  

More information and contact

For more information about all the possibilities and for any questions regarding your specific needs or preferences, please contact the Development & Alumni Relations Department:
Annette Mullink , telephone number: +31 (0)71-527 3321, e-mail:

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